Travel Tips

Climate and clothes
Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, in which April to September is the dry season and October to March, the rainy season. Bali is hot throughout the year but during the dry season it may get chilly at night and early morning. A jacket will help.

Credit Cards
Major hotels, restaurants, department stores and duty free shops accept credit cards. In smaller shops, there are cases when additional charge of few percent is added when using the credit card.

Currency and exchange
The basic currency is the Rupiah (Rp.). The bills are Rp 1.000.-, Rp 2.000.-, Rp 5.000.-, Rp 10.000.-, Rp 20.000.-, Rp 50.000.- and Rp 100.000.-. The coins are Rp 1.000.-, Rp 500.-, Rp 200.-, Rp 100.-, Rp 50.-, Rp 25.-. Coins below Rp 100.- is rarely in circulation hence you might get candies instead of small change.

Convert your money in a reputable money changer.

Religion and common rules
Though 90% of the Indonesian population is Muslim, in Bali 90% of population follow Hinduism. The left hand is considered unclean hence when you hand something over or shake hands, use your right hand instead. When you visit a temple, avoid wearing revealing clothes. Women having their menstruation are not allowed to enter a temple. Sometimes you are required to wear a sarong or sash before entering a temple (some places rent these out for a charge). Do not step on offerings on the streets. Do not honk when you see religious processions.

Time Difference
There are three different time zones in Indonesia. Bali belongs to the central time zone while Jakarta is in the west time zone. The difference is one hour between each time zone.

The official language is Indonesian. Among local people, they speak Balinese. At major hotels, restaurants, tourist places, there are staffs speaking English and other major foreign languages.

Tipping is not necessary if service charge is already added to the bill. However, if you request somebody to do special service, it is fine to give a tip. Tipping for room service ranges from Rp 10.000 to Rp 30.000.-.

The voltage is 200 volts and the frequency is 50 hertz. The plug is a C type: two round pins.

Never drink water from the tap. Use bottled water which is widely available in hotels, restaurants or mini markets.

Leave your important documents or value things in your hotel safe. Be careful with your belongings all the time.