What To Do in Ubud

Go shopping to Ubud Market
Ubud Market is a traditional market opens from 6am till 6pm. The market is packed from vegetable sellers and Balinese snack vendors to sellers of cheap handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, baskets, bags, paintings and souvenirs. It is advisable to bargain nicely as it is all part of the fun.

Experience Balinese Culture
As a home to the arts and cultural centre of Bali, you may learn and experience Balinese culture from dancing, painting, sculpturing to cooking Balinese basics. Classes are offered for tourists.

Enjoy the Magical Monkey Forest
This is an enchanted forest filled with history and mythology. Within its 27 acres are more than 100 varieties of trees old stone walls and romantic looking structures. Three tribes of monkeys live in the forest, each with a very large boss monkey who lets the rest of his clan know who?s in charge. See the river and temple and don?t forget to buy bananas at the entrance to keep the monkeys happy.

Practice Yoga
For years, Ubud is famous as a healing center. Yoga is very common and popular in Ubud. Classes and workshops are offered by local and international teachers for a day, a week, a month or more either in Yoga Barn, individual Yoga Studio or in hotels. The Bali Spirit Festival is an annual celebration of yoga, dance and music in Ubud bringing to Bali a wealth of talented and respected creative masters from around the world.

Enjoy Spa
Bali is known as an island of well-developed spa treatment. Let yourself be healed in body, mind and soul by having a leisurely rhythm of Bali in harmony with nature. Release your stress, rejuvenate yourself and relax to your core.

Visit Galleries and Museums
Ubud is brimming with artists, painters and art galleries. Artists come from Bali, other Indonesian islands and abroad. Feel free to visit all hidden galleries all around town. It could be best to take a guide who can show you more than you could find yourself.

Dine out
So many restaurants and cafes serve delicious food from fine dining to all day favorites. Food varies from western, Japanese, vegetarian, delicious healthy dishes, exotic juice mixes to raw food.